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Private Reformer Pilates

@ your Home

Mat work and small equipment.

I started Pilates sessions with Simon on May 2014. I was not a major pilates fan but Simon's dedicated and unique teaching made me love it to a point that the sessions have now become a necessity. I would blindly recommend Simon as his method of teaching and challenging you is amazing and tailor made to someones needs. It is obvious that Simon is passionate and an expert in his field. My friends and family have also converted to pilates because of Simon. Simon, thank you for everything and I look forward to our next session



I’ve been practising Pilates 1-to-1 with Simon since early 2016, my original idea being to get used to using the reformer before joining a class, but I just can’t stop my classes with Simon! They are now a fundamental part of my week and wellbeing. They have made all the difference to me both physically and mentally; I feel fantastic after a class and I know that my posture and body are improved as a result. He’s a fantastic teacher, extremely intuitive and one of the calmest most serene people I’ve met. We can chat and laugh or we can be calm and quiet, either way the flow of the lesson never stops and he is constantly introducing new techniques and postures and encouraging me to push myself. I can’t recommend him enough.


Kensal Rise