I love Simon ‘s Pilates classes, I now go twice a week. He has a quiet, natural teaching style, attentive and careful, his focus is always on his in a class of ten I feel he is totally aware of each of us. His classes flow, they require total concentration and after the class it feels as if both the body and mind have benefitted.

Frankie – Ruislip


I was a beginner to Pilates when I joined Simon’s class. He really watches every single one of his students and gently corrects when necessary. My initial concern was that I could be doing movements incorrectly but his encouraging guidance is very reassuring. I really feel good after the lesson.

Jan – Northwood


Simon’s Pilates classes are really worth trying. At the time I don’t feel like I’m over-exerting myself but afterwards I always feel really ‘loosened’ up. I’m sure I sleep better after his classes too. I don’t feel too old or too young for his class as there’s a big range of ages, and men DO attend. I can’t recommend him highly enough. 

Shirley – Northwood


Exactly 1 year ago, in my late sixties, I attended my first ever Pilates class with Simon. Due to his clear instructions & gentle manner , I have enjoyed each session in the small classes. The benefits both physically & mentally are invaluable.

Philippa – Northwood


Simon is a fantastic and caring teacher and I wouldn’t go for classes anywhere else

Anne – Ruislip


I am very new to Pilates. Simon is a very supportive and directional teacher. He is very observant and mindful of all the group members abilities and limitations. He gently but clearly guides us through our movements and quietly corrects movements in order for learning to occur. Each session he challenges and stretches my abilities. A very supportive and learning experience for me. Enjoying the experience of Pilates under Simon’s guidance and gentleness.

Freda – Ickenham


I have been attending Simon Lindsay’s classes for over two years now and I don’t think I have ever enjoyed an exercise class as much as I do Simon’s. He is extremely gifted as a teacher and over time he builds up our core strength in such a persistent but gentle way that you don’t realise how far you’ve come with very little effort really. He is also very caring and takes so much trouble to ensure that everything is as good as it can be with the venues and that we are all happy. I would recommend Simon’s Pilates classes to anyone who is looking for an experienced and very thorough teacher.

Sue – Northwood


Simon’s care, consideration and kindness and his attention to each class member’s individual needs is special. He is a gifted teacher. Attending his class is a pleasure and you leave feeling so much better!

Caroline – Northwood

I started Pilates with Simon in Northwood a year ago because I was getting stiff (I am in my mid-sixties and recently retired). Over the year I could feel my core muscles getting more supple with each session – and am now starting a second class. Simon’s teaching is wonderful – gentle and attentive to each person’s limitations but always encouraging. Initially I was slightly apprehensive because I had had back surgery 20 years previously – but his knowledge about muscles and the skeleton inspired confidence! Paradoxically, I find his classes both enervating and relaxing!

Margaret – Northwood

As a middle aged man who is fairly fit and sporty, I had not considered that Pilates might be appropriate for me.  That changed when I was having some treatment for a sports injury from a physiotherapist and she strongly recommend that I should be doing Pilates.  I was recommended to go to Simon by another man.  Simon has a gentle way that pushes you, with different exercises in almost every session.  I can already feel an improvement in my suppleness and ability to play sports.  I would recommend Simon to anyone who wants to look after their body for the long term.

Phil – Ickenham