Unfortunately, I am currently unavailable for Reformer classes in my home studio. I am continuing to teach clients online via zoom for the time being. I’ll be in touch when Reformer classes are available again.

What is a Reformer?

The Reformer is a versatile machine that can exercise and challenge your body in many different ways. The machine consists of a moving carriage within a solid frame. Different strength springs connect the carriage to the end of the frame. Your body will be positioned in a variety of different ways on and around the machine. You will use your body parts to move the carriage against the resistance of the springs. The Reformer also has a foot bar and adjustable straps that can be used to move the carriage with your body. The possibilities for moving and exercising on the Reformer are limitless.

See what a session on the Reformer looks like here.

What can Reformer Pilates do for you?

The Reformer will bring your body in to a ‘closed chain’ environment. Every movement your body makes is connected in a loop with the machine. You have an increased awareness of your body in movement and space. You will develop better control of your movement and  your strength, flexibility and core stability will improve over time. Your physical abilities will progress much faster with the assistance and support of the equipment. The resistance assists you to perform the movements. It can also provide more challenge and variation to your work out

Why do I need an experienced teacher?

An experienced teacher will configure the machine for your individual shape and proportions as well as select the level of resistance for the particular demands of the exercise. A knowledgeable teacher will use the machine as a tool to ultimately help you achieve better movement in your body. They will be able to assess your physical ability and postural alignment and give you movements that help to change your body over time.