Looking for a group Pilates mat class near you?

Do you live in Ruislip, Ickenham, Northwood, Eastcote or the London Borough of Hillingdon? Would you like to move more freely in your body as well as relax, recharge and reenergise? Come and learn Pilates in small, supportive group classes where you will have the highest quality tuition from an experienced teacher.

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What happens in a group Pilates mat class?

Simon will guide you through a series of flowing movements that will help to gently exercise your body in many different ways. The focus of the exercises is to improve your postural alignment as well as increase your strength and range of movement.

The classes flow at a gentle pace and are designed according to the needs of the members and their individual goals. Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. Much of the class will take place on the mat with the assistance of small equipment such as balls and bands. Every class will include a good amount of standing work to improve balance and activities of everyday living.

Simon makes every effort to keep the classes enjoyable and stimulating. You will leave the class moving more freely as well as feeling more relaxed and in control.

Read what Simon’s clients say about the classes here.

Need further information about group classes?

Small Group Classes (10 – 12 max) for the best possible learner experience

You must fill out a medical form to determine which class will be most suited to your needs.

You need to bring a Yoga/ Pilates mat and a small towel to place behind your head.

Classes run in 6 week blocks.

Price – £60 for the block / £13 per class drop in.