Why Pilates for Pregnancy?


During pregnancy your body will undergo enormous changes. While you are pregnant for nine months, it can take the same amount of time for your body to recover and return to its former state after the birth of your child.

The changes that you go through during pregnancy can be challenging both physically and psychologically. A Pilates exercise program specifically tailored to your needs by an experienced teacher can be beneficial in helping you to adapt to these changes as you go through your pregnancy as well as preparing your body for the birth. Pilates exercise will also help your body to recover to its former state in the post natal period.

One to one Pilates sessions are ideal during pregnancy as every exercise can be adapted for your body. This is important as no two pregnancies are the same. The spring based Pilates equipment offers the flexibility to adapt exercises safely to your individual needs while also adding extra variation and interest to sessions. Find out more about my home studio here.

All ante-natal clients will be required to fill out a medical form. You must have permission from your doctor to exercise during your pregnancy. Your doctor will also advise you when you can restart exercising in the post natal period.

Simon has much experience working with both ante and post natal clients. He initially completed his Pilates for Pregnancy qualification in 2012. Simon completed an update again in early 2017.

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