A client-centred approach

I follow a contemporary and progressive approach to Pilates teaching, which puts my clients at the centre of what I do. I build relationships to understand what my students want to achieve and I adapt my teaching according to their needs. I respect my student’s autonomy and allow them to be at the centre of their own learning.

My classes are stimulating and educational. The benefits are not limited to what happens in class. I believe that what my students can learn from me and embody outside of class is what leads to lasting change. I challenge my students to continuously think and learn as they move. I draw on my extensive knowledge and experience of bodily movement to help them improve.

Intelligent exercise

Pilates is an intelligent form of exercise, which requires you to pay attention to your body’s alignment as you move. You perform controlled movements with precision and good technique so that your joints will move in a more efficient and healthy way. Pilates exercise improves your mind’s control over your body so you get more out of every movement. Your body shape improves because you also begin moving differently in the other areas of your life. Pilates can help you to be happier and healthier. Your body will be stronger, more flexible and move more freely.

Efficient and healthy movement

Our joints are the hard structures of the body, which have predetermined shapes and capacity for movement. When better aligned, the connecting muscles and tissues work more effectively to produce movement at joints. This is good for the health of these structures, which are more lubricated and receive less wear and tear. If we can maintain good control over our torso (Pelvis, Ribcage, Head and spine) we are able to generate more efficient movement with our limbs for any given task, which is known as ‘core stability’.

Dynamic and adaptive

Contrary to popular belief, good ‘stability’ is not about keeping your body still or in a fixed position. It is maintaining control of your bodily alignment while these structures are moving and adapting to the changing conditions our bodies are subjected to. It is a dynamic process that relates to our body’s ‘proprioception’ and neuromuscular control. It is our brain’s ability to organise and control the position and movement of our bones and joints in space, in relation to gravity and for a particular task.

Safe and effective exercise for everyone

Many different people do Pilates. Both men and women, as well as older and younger people. Whether you have a specific goal you want to achieve or just want to improve your general health and wellbeing, Pilates has many benefits to offer. It can help people to manage medical conditions and to avoid or recover from injury or surgery. It is invaluable for anyone who needs to enhance their body’s ability to perform repeated actions of daily living. Perhaps someone that is passionate about a sport or hobby that they want to get better at and enjoy fully. Or someone whose occupation places particular demands on their physicality (ie. sitting long hours at a desk, repeated bending down). It is a safe and effective form of exercise that is beneficial for everyone.

Pilates exercise can help you

  • Improve posture
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Gain flexibility
  • Move without pain
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve wellbeing

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